Sunday, April 7, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Tim Wallach ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

This past Saturday Harry's Dugout held their second in store signing and this time it was former Dodger player and current Dodger coach Tim Wallach.

I have never gotten his signature at the stadium but at the same time I haven't tried as hard as I could have. I wanted to support my local card shop and at only $15 per signature I thought I would take the drive out there prior to heading out to the game.

Arrived around 10:20 and there were maybe 7 people hanging around and I just jumped into what passed as a line. With that little of people everyone just struck up conversations with everyone. Tommy Lasorda and his piss poor attitude was the main topic. Ha Ha.

Tim arrived right around 11 and started signing within a few minutes of entering the store. Went in and paid for my ticket and jumped in line. Chatted with Tim for a minute and he asked me if I wanted his number inscribed on the ball and I said sure. He then asked him if he wanted me to put his playing days number or his current coach number and I thought for a minute and said current as that is when I am acquiring the ball. He said ok and then he told me he hated that number. I responded you should have told me but he just laughed. Said thank you and shook his hand and wished him luck for that night's game.

Tim couldn't be nicer. Thank you again to Harry's Dugout. Come out and support the small business.

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