Friday, April 12, 2013

Carlos Quentin - Dodger Public Enemy # 1

I love the city of San Diego as I go there at least once a year and its usually to catch the Dodgers play at Petco but after yesterday brawl the Padres and more specifically Carlos "I'm a complete dumbass" Quentin can stick it up their ass.

The Padres have always have had a little brother complex pertaining to the Dodgers. The always have hated us more than we have hated them as our energy is usually pent up towards the Giants but what they did last night is a joke.

Earlier in the game they threw dangerously close to the head of Matt Kemp and he moved out of the way to avoid getting hit. That's just part of baseball and I understand and Matt should as well. Carlos Quentin does get hit but in the arm and he makes no attempt to get out of the way. Drops his bat and mouths a few choice words and charges the mound and in the end breaks Zack Greinke's collarbone which will probably sideline him at least a month if not more.

Here are the facts :

1) Carlos HAS been hit the most the past two years BUT he crowds the plate which increases the probability of getting plunked.
2) Matt went ballistic only after hearing from Zack himself that he was injured badly.
3) Jerry Hariston went after someone in the Padre dugout as they were making fun of Zack's injury.
4) Carlos was hit on a 3 and 2 pitch in a 2 to 1 game. It was not a blowout or a meaningless game. It there was intent it wouldn't have been pitched to his arm and it wouldn't have been in that spot.
5) Even Carlos's teammates have apologized for his actions as they know he was in the wrong. When your team doesn't back you, you know you are in the wrong.

Even after the game Carlos said it was basically Zack's fault and it could have been avoided. That there was a history between them. Yes, Zack has hit Carlos twice before when they were both in the AL but as stated Carlos has been hit enough times to lead the league the past two years. Even rival GM's of clubs state that he does that to get his On Base Percentage higher.

I don't like to see anyone get hurt and if this was reversed then I would hold the Dodgers at fault. We now have our 1A pitcher on the shelf while this dumbass will probably only get a max of 5 days suspension and will be back on the field sucking for a last place team while we have to plug another major hole and move forward. I am all for Don Mattingly's approach of if someone injures someone then that person can not play until the injured player is able to play again. I personally have stood by that thinking for years but I don't think this occurrence will change that in anyway.

After the game Kemp and Quentin ran into each other in clubhouse hallway and had to be separated by teammates and police with it ending with Kemp saying " We'll see Bitch ".

The Dodgers have a quick 3 game series in Arizona this weekend and then right back to Dodger Stadium to face this team. Monday is Jackie Robinson day and I for one don't think anything will happen unless the Padres do something really stupid as it is an appreciation day. The other two games you just never know but I also think Carlos will not be playing in any of them as he will be held out or under suspension. I have tickets to Monday's game which should be good.

Looking towards the future the next time the Dodgers are in San Diego is June 20th. I bought tickets months ago to this game and now it will have more intrigue than normal. GO BLUE !!!


  1. Crazy game last night. Glad I didn't roll to San Diego for that one, as I would have probably done something dumb. Next week's series against the scum from the south should be fun.

  2. Im going Monday but the whole world will be watching because of Jackie so I don't think anything will go down. Tuesday is another matter. June 20th also should be interesting. I have front row field so I get a great view then.