Monday, April 1, 2013

Attended Game Recap : April 1st vs Giants ( Opening Day ) DODGERS 4 Giants 0

It's Time For Dodger Baseball...... Ahh those great words spoken for the first time of the year at Dodger Stadium today. The first game of the year is always a special one as we have missed our team for many months and we finally get to see them back on the field for a "real" game.

Headed out to the stadium around 10:30 and was parked and walking in around 11:10. Not too shabby considering we were coming from the Torrance area. Once inside I headed over to the new store on the Reserve level and though I don't need anymore new hats there were two to be had that I couldn't resist.

While in line I noticed they had little foam fingers for just one finger. They are so funny looking I had to buy one.

I have never collected pins but I also couldn't resist obtaining this Opening Day pin to commemorate the day.

Headed over to our seats and got to see the introductions of the two teams. Magic Johnson then came out to throw out the first pitch but was taken out by Manager Don Mattingly and brought in Sandy Koufax instead. A little foreshadowing prior to the game.

The game itself was classic Dodger vs Giants and more so Clayton Kershaw vs the punk ass orange team from up north. Clayton dominated the defending champs but Matt Cain of the Giants was up to it as well as they matched each other stride for stride til the 8th when with the still scoreless Clayton took matters into his own hands and launched his first career home run into dead center to give the Dodger the lead which they never relinquished. Dodgers went onto take on 3 more runs and Clayton closed the door on the Giants in the 9th. He is the second pitcher in history to throw a complete game shutout and hit a home run on opening day.

Koufax to Kershaw if the torch was not passed before today sure has now. The greatest left handed Dodger pitcher gave way to the current and possibly the greatest left hander in Dodger history. As a side not Orel from the 1988 team was the catcher for Koufax today to celebrate the 50th and 25th anniversaries of two past champions. It's in the air and all we can do is hope and pray that our season ends in champagne in late October.

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