Saturday, April 27, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Attended Game Recap : April 27th vs Brewers - BREWERS 6 Dodgers 4

The at least once yearly group gathering of the 2011 Dodger Scavenger Hunt winners was this past Saturday. It is always a fun time with the rest of the gang and this time was no different. For the second time we all decided to seat in the All You Can Eat Section in the Pavilions. Time to watch baseball and gorge on some cheap food with good friends. Let the fun begin.

Arrived at the stadium for early BP as it has become the tradition. Had some issues with a mis informed gate ticket taker. Wouldn't let me in even though I had the STH badge but had to have him call head security and inform him he was wrong. Irritating as it took 10 minutes out of potential autograph time. Once in the stadium headed over to my usual spot on the baseline seats and after awhile as Davey Lopes likes to hit balls to fans he hit one to me this time. First time Davey hit one to me. Thanks Davey.

After awhile Josh Beckett came over and started signing and even though I got him a couple of weeks ago on a single signed ball I still needed him on the team ball so he was kind enough to sign that. Thank you again Josh. Again, I've heard he is a hard signature to acquire but I have gotten him twice already this year.

About to leave the area and Juan Uribe caught a ball from a batter and after a minute or so I got his attention and had him toss it into the stands to me. So for the day I got a couple of balls tossed to me and an autograph for the team signed ball. Could have been better but I could have blanked so that's good.

Off to my seats I went and hung out with the Scavenger Hunt Winners of 2011. A great crew to hang out with and considering the 2012 debacle of the "so called" scavenger hunt this is truly the first and only scavenger hunt winners ever that the Dodgers have sponsored. Go Club 104.

Game was entertaining for the most part and the Matt Magill in his first appearance pitched a decent game but the bullpen as is customary this year blew it for the rookie and not only did he not win the game but the Dodgers went and lost the game itself. This is the time that the team should be excelling as this is the so called easy part of the schedule. Hopefully they get their act together and start stringing along some wins.

A great time at the game with friends but the end result left a sour taste in my mouth. Let's get them next game.

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  1. Great time indeed, love reading yor blogs, keep them coming, thanks penguino.