Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Andrew McCutchen ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

I had attended the Dodger game the prior day and had no intention of going to Sunday's game. It was a day game, already dragged the wife to two games that week and we have two more coming this upcoming week and my wallet needed a rest, etc. Enough reasons to stay home. But as posted in my attended game 4.7.2013 entry I ended up going to the game.

I went in hope of getting Russell Martin's autograph to complete a years old project that only needs his John Hancock. I even paid extra for seats right next to the Pirates dugout and stood in line after the game and to my disappointment I left empty handed in that quest.

Two things that I did get though that were good and great. I have never sat in the Prime Ticket Club seats since they remodeled into All You Can Eat a few years ago as the prices skyrocketed. So I got to take in the restaurant food and to my amazement they actually had some really good food. I made sure I got my moneys worth and I did end up going home bloated and happy on that front.

The other thing that was great was that since I was on the Pirate side of the field there was less people around. On the 3rd base side there are always more people for Kemp and Ethier potential signatures. Having the Pirates in town meant not much real demand per se as they only real star they have is Andrew McCutchen and even though I have my supplies always ready to go I wasn't holding my breath.

Andrew was doing his pre game stretches and after he was done he started to come towards the 1st base wall barrier and at least for me surprising started to sign for people. I saw him and had ball and pen in hand but wasn't going to move til I knew for sure he was going to sign but as he came closer I ran over and with only 4 other people around me there wasn't much commotion. I handed him a ball with a pen and he signed it on the sweet spot. I said thank you and went about my way. He wasn't very talkative as he didn't respond to me or a couple other people but he was kind enough to take the time to sign for Dodger fans and that was a cool thing. Thank you Andrew for the great looking autograph.

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