Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Card of the Day : Clayton Kershaw 2006 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card Autographed Refractor BGS 9.5 Gem Mint ( 475 / 500 )

On the second of back to back days pertaining to one Clayton Kershaw I present to you the only other card I own in my collection. Last week I showed off Matt Kemp's and today it's Clayton's turn.

Back in 2010 as stated in Matt Kemp's post it was the offseason and after I acquired Matt's Bowman Chrome I figured I just had to bookend that one with Clayton's version of a BGS 9.5 of his Bowman Chrome Rookie Card. Unlike Matt's card there were no raw ones I saw on eBay that looked like it would grade out to the 9.5 that I had to have so I went with Plan B and that was to purchase one that already had been graded by BGS.

Today and just like back in 2010 there never seems to be a lot of copies up for bid on eBay. Everyone has it set up for Buy It Now and I did not want to pay the price people were asking for. It was getting to be late December and knowing baseball season was around the corner I knew prices were going to pick up and I was losing hope in finding one but someone did put one up for a starting bid of a penny. Here we go. I sold an extra signed ball and a few extra bobble heads that totaled over $100. Had money in hand ready to start bidding. Price went up pretty fast and within the two days it was already up to $80 and thought it would just climb too high for my tastes. On the last day it was still sitting at $125 so I was still in the game. I put my bid in and the auction ended with a winning bid of $145 which was my bid.

So in the course of a couple of months I had acquired Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor BGS 9.5 Gem Mint cards of the two cornerstones and my two favorite players on the Dodgers. To this day they are still the only two cards I own. If that is to be my total card collection forever so be it but they are two great looking cards. I still think Clayton's is way under priced in today's market and can only go up.


  1. sweet get! I still need Clayton's BowChro RC Auto as well as Matty's. One day....

  2. TY. Im still debating if I am going to jump back into card collecting.