Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Xavier Paul ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

The next post in my under appreciated and/or didn't even notice they were here Dodger players. Today it's Xavier Paul.

Xavier's main claim to fame was that he was the player that was called up to the majors the day Manny Ramirez got caught using PED's. That day was Xavier Major League Debut as well. The majority of his time on the Dodgers was to fill in for Manny and his suspension or Manny when he was injured. Xavier never really did anything great for the team nor anything really bad as he is mostly forgotten as a player for the team. He currently is in the Reds minor league system.

I never got to meet Xavier as I wasn't on graphing crusades at the time but I was on eBay binging. I wanted his signature for two reasons. One, he was a Dodger and two, his name. I have always loved names that started with an X. Just a unique letter to me. I knew I was going have to overpay to acquire his signature as I always want either a PSA or JSA authenticated version of the autograph and since Xavier is a fringe player at best there are not many options on eBay for purchasing. I watched one auction that had a buy it now at $35. Wasn't going to pay that but after months on my watch list the seller put it on sale for $25. I snatched it up. For the player he is/was that is an overpay but I wanted to add him to my collection none the less. A nice signature added to my collection.

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