Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Jesse Orosco ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/ World Series Inscription )

It's been 25 LONG YEARS that the Dodgers have won a World Series and worse that same amount of time since they have even appeared in one. I've gotten a few signatures here and there of the team with Orel being the only one I have gotten in person. Looking through eBay as I always do and came across a player that looked a like a great bargain to get if the price was low enough in the end. Jesse Orosco is that player.

Jesse was a personal lighting rod to Kirk Gibson as the famous story goes he put shoe black in Kirk's cap and once he found out and people were laughing at him became incensed. I think it actually brought the team together in the end.

I have never really wanted to pay for Jesse's signature as they always seemed pricey for a reliever but I think it due to him being a two time world series champion. This past January at a show in Anaheim he appeared and was charging $25 and with an inscription for $10 more and if you wanted PSA you can tack on another $10. So $45 total with the cost of the ball of at least $13. I passed and moved on. Well I was on eBay and my favorite and trustworthy dealer in Arizona had signed baseballs from this show with "88 World Series Champions" on a ball with a starting bid of .99 cents. I kept an eye on it and wanted to see how it would end. As the auction was nearing its end it was still at only $15. Wasn't going to pass up a deal so I put a bid in and I won the ball for a total of $20. His signature would not be worth it if I went to meet him in person but for $20 with an inscription on a regulation ball can't be beat. I am happy to add this item to my collection at that cost. Another great eBay pickup for me.

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