Monday, April 8, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Josh Beckett ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

So I attended my first nighttime and weekend game this past Saturday with a recap in my 4.6.13 attended game post. At the game I was able to acquire an autograph that I presumed would be hard for me to get this year and have heard from many people that was more true than not considering the player. That player is Josh Beckett.

As new players join the team I always want to get their autograph in person. This year I have a few that are on my main hit list, Adrian, Ryu, etc, but Josh was the highest on my list due to the fact that he unlike the others are not signed for years after 2013 and probably won't be on the team next year which makes his a priority. I have heard from many people that while in Boston he was a hard signature as well as when he was with the Marlins. Though I  also have heard that once he arrived in L.A. he has mellowed a bit but still not the easiest to track down. I missed him at Spring Training this year and had to hope to get him at the stadium.

Once I arrived at the stadium I went to my usual spot along the 3rd base side in hope of acquiring some autographs. No one really came by until Josh walked by and someone got his attention and he said I'll be back to sign. He took a couple of steps and I guessed changed his mind and came back and started signing for that person I swiftly moved over and as he was signing he was saying "only a few more, two more now " and then he said only for kids. Ugh. He was about to leave and I said Josh could you sign one more please for me and luckily he did and then left. I was the last to get his autograph.

This would be my only single signed ball of the day but it was the main one of the year I really wanted/needed to acquire so everything else is just gravy now. Josh is a two time world series champion and multiple all star. A great signature to have and I now am lucky enough to say I have it in my collection. Thank you again Josh.

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