Sunday, April 7, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Attended Game Recap : April 6th vs. Pirates - DODGERS 1 Pirates 0

Second game of the year and my first nighttime game. Lucky me that I got to see Kershaw once again and once again he pitched a gem. Only thing missing was no home run and no complete game but he extended his scoreless pitching streak to 20 innings. No small feat.

Arrived at the stadium around 3 to get in early for batting practice and hopefully some autographs. Lined up on the 3rd base side as always and waited patiently. As Kemp and Ethier completed their game of catch Kemp rolled the ball right to where I was standing and I scooped it up. I have never gotten a ball so tarred or mudded or whatever they do to it before using it. Take a look.

Hoping now for an autograph and no one really came over except one player that I really wanted. I will do a separate post tomorrow on that one for the autograph of the day.

Around 4 I headed over to the pavilions for continued batting practice in my front row seats as my father in law always likes to get these seats at least once a year. Once the Pirates took the field the first one that was cranked in my area came right to me and thankfully I caught it and didn't make a fool out of myself by dropping it. Almost a brand new ball.

Right before the game started Chad Billingsley was in the bullpen and I like a lot of people got his attention and I got to add him to my 2013 team signed ball as I already have him on a single signed one. Half way there on the ball.

Sat down and enjoyed a Kershaw pitched game and though the offense was silent once again we did score one more than the Pirates and got to see another Dodger win. Also got to eat my first Cool A Coo. Damn these are great.

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