Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Attended Game Recap : April 15th vs Padres - Dodgers 3 PADRES 6

My fourth game of the season at Dodger Stadium and finally a stinker. You can't win them all but damn it if you are not supposed to beat the Padres in your own house on Jackie Robinson Day.

Left home and it took almost a hour and twenty minutes to get to my parking spot and that was with preferred parking. It was packed. Guess people wanted to celebrate Jackie and get their statue. I understand as that was the reason I was there. Here is the box of the statue. Forgot to take picture out of the box but I will update it. Great looking figure. Something different rather than the 10 bobbles a year they give out nowadays.

This is my first time I actually got to seat in my season seats as I have been seating in other areas due to family members and making a buck here and there. As I am sure people have noticed all the bathrooms now have a "crest" on each entrance. I found the Dodgers vs Giants rivalry one on opening day and today I found the 1955 World Series one which considering it was the only Brooklyn championship and Jackie was on that team it seemed fitting for this day.
The Dodgers also adorned the Jackie symbol that MLB was showcasing at all the stadiums and here is the one on the field. Kind of looks funny as you can see the Opening Week symbol that it covered but hasn't totally faded away as of yet.
The game itself was a disappointment from the opposing pitcher hitting his first career home run and then having to watch the much talked about high powered offense scratch and claw to tie the game one run at a time and then to watch the bullpen imploded once more. The few highlights were that Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez continue to rake and if they can continue the rest of the team can assuredly catch up. Matt Kemp also had a couple of hits and even though his average is still low its starting to look like his coming around. It's a long season but even though you can't win the World Series in April you sure can lose it. Time to step up boys. 

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