Monday, April 15, 2013

Attended Game Recap : April 13th vs. Astros - ANGELS 5 Astros 4

So this past Saturday I went to the little stadium in Anaheim that has a team that likse to call themselves a team from Los Angeles. Still one of the most ridiculous things that the Angels do.

For those who do not know my wife is an Angels fan which can make the household very interesting during the inter league series. We still venture down to the Big A a few times every year even when they are not playing the LOS ANGELES DODGERS. A couple months ago it was announced that the Angels would be giving out a Mike Trout bobble head this past Saturday. I had no intention of keeping it as I only collect Dodger bobbles even though Mike is my favorite non-Dodger currently in the majors. So I bought 4 tickets to the game and invited the family and pre-sold the bobbles which netted me enough to buy 2 signed Dodger baseballs. So a free game and two signed balls. Not too shabby.

Headed down to the stadium and though they are of the Angels for some reason I do love the big caps they have in front of the stadium.

Got to the stadium two hours before the game and there were hundreds already in line. Obviously everyone wanted to get their bobble head. It reminds me too much of the Kemp one that has him going over the fence to rob a home run. Though the catch that Mike's bobble is based on was very impressive. This kid and Bryce Harper are special now and will be great in the future.
Game was dull for the first 6 innings but the last 3 three were highly entertaining. Got to see Josh Hamilton's first home run in an Angel uniform and then got to see The Machine, Albert Pujols rope a double down the line to drive in Mike Trout from first base for the winning run. Nothing like a walk off. Always will be a DODGER fan first but I do enjoy good baseball whether the blue are playing or not.
On a side note there was this idiot Angel fan that just kept popping off about how he knew everything and hated how Dodger fans don't know their own history in Los Angeles. Blah Blah Blah. He probably has only been a fan since 2002. And learn how to wear a hat dumb ass. One ear tucked makes you look like a moron.


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