Sunday, April 7, 2013

Attended Game Recap : April 7th vs Pirates - DODGERS 6 Pirates 2

Wasn't planning to go to this game as I had already been to two this week and one was just the previous day but I really wanted Russell Martin's autograph as he is the final player I need on a project that has taken years to complete as I can never find him.

Watched stub hub until it was a little less than two hours to game time and finally some seats in the Prime Ticket Club were available at a so so affordable price but that would put me right next to the Pirate dugout. Better my chances.

Got to the stadium around 12:30 and headed over to the dugout but he never came out and I assumed I lost my chance. On the way out I forgot about the exit area where the players leave and tried my chance there. Russell did show up but passed my three separate times. Damn It. So the project continues uncompleted for at least another 2 months til the Pirates visit the Angels.

The game was the best offense game that Dodgers have played and other than the first inning when Ryu gave up a two run home run to Andrew McCutchen he dominated the Pirates and received his first Major League win. Another notch in my personal firsts with the Dodgers. The offense was present as well including slumping Kemp. Good signs before they go on the road.

I did get one autograph and since I was on the Pirate side obviously it was a Pirate. Only one worth getting in my mind other than Russell but I will do a post on that Tuesday. I'm sure people can guess though.

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