Friday, October 17, 2014

Clayton Kershaw Jersey Project

The 2014 Dodger season is over so it is time to prep for the 2015. Yes, it's only October but it's never too early to get ready for the promise of a new season.

During the last week of the regular season the Dodgers were running the promotion of 20% off of everything at the stadium and that could be combined with my 20% discount for being a season ticket holder. I knew at some point I was going to purchase a Kershaw jersey and it would be the 2nd (Kemp) player jersey I would own. The name on the front is and always will be more important and that is why all my other jerseys have my name on it and the number seven (wedding day number) instead of having multiple player jerseys. Kershaw is going to be a Hall of Famer and probably and hopefully a lifetime Dodger. It was time to get his jersey.

The wife and I went to the stadium and I was planning to buy the new batting practice jersey and wanted her opinion. Thought a nice new blue jersey would be nice (and cheaper) so that was my plan.  She didn't like the look of the new blue jerseys. The white stripe on the color and sleeve didn't look good in her eyes. Thought I would go check the regular game versions to see what deal I could get on those. As you may or may not know all the jerseys now are made of the "cool base" material and they have a look that the wife does just not like. She said I should have one of the older (pre 2013) ones as they have a nicer look and feel better. Problem was is that they do not make those anymore. Ugh. I ended up passing on both jerseys and switched my hunt to an older jersey and with that I was back on eBay searching.

Not much to choose from as all the sellers had Kershaw jerseys on BIN's at over $190. Well I went to plan B which was to do what I do with my personalized jerseys. Buy a blank one and take it to a Pro Image store near my house that sews the names and numbers on. The good thing about them is that they use authentic numbers as well so it makes the jersey look authentic and not like some cheap knock off. Found this one from a reputable seller with a high bid of $20 with a little more than a day to go. Following day I was the winner at just a little over more than that. Love off season purchases. So much cheaper. Jersey in hand and now going to get it customized.

In the end this is a way better deal and the wife will like the look of this one better. Win win for me.

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