Monday, February 17, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day and Player Appearance Recap : Steve Sax ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/ROY Inscription ) @ Dr. Alex Corbin Optometry on 2.15.2014

After the poor experience at Frank and Sons for the Bo Jackson signing as seen HERE I was ready to head home but I looked at the clock and noticed it was close to 2:00 and the optometrist office was a mile or so away. Even though I have always wanted a full signature of Steve I wasn't planning to attend this event but I am glad I did.

Drove into the parking lot and hopped in line and there was about 20-25 in line and I was happy that it wasn't too long. At first I didn't notice my buddy Jimmy and his wife Michelle just a few people in front of me but once I did I soon joined them. We ended up talking for awhile as we waited for Steve as he was running late. My other buddy Franz was also coming from Frank and Sons as unlike me he was acquiring more than just one signature and by the time he arrived he was at the back of line which grew to at least 60. Happy to be up front.

Steve arrived around 2:15 and started signing for the fans and since this was a meet and greet and pictures were welcomed the line was slower but that was OK as we all knew we would get the chance for a photo op. Right prior to me getting to the table, Dr. Corbin recognized me from the blog and introduced himself to me. It is always nice to meet new people as I have met many through here. It was a pleasure. Learn more about his office and practice HERE . This is the first time they have held a Dodger signing and I hope it is not the last. After that I finally got to meet Steve as I haven't had the chance as I have always been busy or out of town. Gave Steve a ball and after he signed it he asked if I wanted him to add any inscription but I informed him that I didn't pay for any and he said no worries and put his 82 ROY inscription. Thanks Steve for the addition. Of course after the autograph I asked for a photo and Steve was more than happy to oblige.

Steve and I

I was heading out and while talking to friends the Dr. stopped me and asked if I wouldn't mind if I posted Steve's business card up here. By all means, why not. I am always happy to help out when and where I can. Steve is now ( not saying he wasn't when he played baseball ) a motivational speaker. I will be looking into his website soon myself.

To say this signing was better than the Bo Jackson one would be an understatement. Old friends, new friends and a great new autograph for the collection. It just can't be beat. Thank you again to Dr. Corbin for hosting the event and thank you to Steve for appearing. 

Finished product

ROY Inscription 

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