Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Museum : Clayton Kershaw Archival Autograph Photo B (79/100)

3rd time is the charm right? RIGHT?

... and here I go again with this card. I have owned 2 other copies of this card and each time I sent it in to BGS to get graded expecting it to receive at the very worse a 9 but both times I was disappointed as they both came back as 8.5's. Unacceptable for my collection as all Kershaw autographs must be at least a 9 to be in my collection. Obviously I sold those 2 and now I am trying this once again with this copy.

If you don't know there are 2 different Kershaw Archival autographs in the 2012 Museum set and I already have 1 that is in mint form and I want to pare it up with this one in at least the same grade. Unlike the other 2 this copy was on a BIN auction and with such a low asking price I crossed my fingers as I clicked the button. Of the 3 copies I have owned this is far away the best conditioned one and I am hoping it earns at least a 9 when I send it off to BGS for encasing. Of course if it doesn't then I am sure I will be writing up a 4th post on this card somewhere down the road but hopefully this will be the 3rd and final time I blog about this card.

One Hundred

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