Thursday, February 16, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Corey Seager Base Acetate Parallel (6/10)

From afar this looks like any old 2016 Topps card of Corey Seager but once you look closer you will notice that it is numbered out of only 10. This bad boy is the acetate (plastic) parallel from the Topps flagship set and I have only seen 2 of these ever go up for sale and this one I have been watching on eBay for a good 4-5 months. Now I can look at it in person each day as I finally secured it and can call it my own.

I once owned the silver framed parallel which is numbered to a scant 16. I snagged it literally a few moments it went live on eBay and turned it into BGS for grading and it came back as a 9.5. In turn I resold it for a 70% profit. Pocketed that and made some other purchases. I had always hoped to win one of the other 15 but that was back in March and to this day I have yet to see another one appear. The only other lowered numbered (non superfractor) that was out there to pursue are these acetates with their print run of 10. As previously stated I saw the only other than this one on eBay I believe back in March-May window of 2016. Crazy ending price and I was never a serious player for it. This one popped up for the first time on eBay in what I want to say was late July. Months passed with the auction ending being relisted as a traditional auction and as a BIN with best offer. Each and every time it closed without being purchased. The seller always had a very high price attached to it and there was no way I would ever "pay" higher than I "paid" for the silver frame so until it dipped under that threshold I just watched it to see if and when it would sell. It never did.

Mid November (as I write this up on the last day of the month) it popped up again but this time it finally was below the silver frame threshold and I had money from TPB sales and other comics. Of course I expected with this new "low" price that there would be renewed interest from other potential buyers but with November being part of the "dead" off season of baseball I hoped that I could sneak in and grab this at a deal. I also banked on the fact that plastic cards normally grade well and that I could eventually turn this into my prized rookie card (non auto) of Corey if I was lucky enough for it to earn a gold banner.

Traditional 7 day auction and no bids and with 3 seconds left I debated one last time if I would hit the bid button which I ended up doing. After 8 months I finally landed me an acetate Seager rookie card. Card looks great in person and the chance it gems from Beckett is pretty good in my eyes. When they come back to town in Feb/Mar I will going the RCR route as I can not wait an extra month to know what the grade will be. Hopefully this will be my crown jewel from the 2016 sets when it gets encased in a gem mint holder from Beckett. Crossing my fingers.


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