Saturday, February 25, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps High Tek : Corey Seager Base Triangles Parallel

53 cases or if you prefer it in pack form it would be 536. Either way you decide to calculate the odds of hitting this Seager Triangle parallel it would be price consuming if you decided to do it that way. Of course you could get lucky and hit it right off the bat but I'm not like that. I go the single way everyday or aka the eBay route.

When the 2016 High Tek set was released I zeroed in on the Gold (Asia exclusive #/60) and this one of all the parallels. I did my research and it was figured out by the experts (not me) that this was the hardest pull from the group B players (53 in total). They come 1 per case which is a total of 12 boxes hence it would take you 53 cases to pull a specific player. At the time I acquired this there was no price guide to use as reference and only 1 other sale prior to this one. I had a feeling that the high book would be in the $50-80 range and I was right as it was announce a couple weeks after release that $60 was the high with $25 being the low. Seeing that low price made this card even nicer as I picked it up for less than that amount. To top it off when I put it under my 20x loop I can not see any issues. The corners are super sharp and this is 1 of 2 cards (so far) for my upcoming BGS batch that I believe has a good chance at earning a Pristine 10 grade.

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