Saturday, February 14, 2015

Card of the Day - 2004 Topps : Gary Carter Retired Signature Series Autograph

An autograph that has eluded me for quite some time has finally been acquired.

I originally wanted Gary's autograph for the reason that he was a former Dodger and all things Dodger I want to acquire at some point. The problem always was that since he was only on the team for one year at the tail end of his career there are just not that many options of him in Dodger blue and the ones that are seem to be all sticker variety. No bueno. Well I recently finished up the book entitled "Up, up and away" which chronicles the Expos existence from beginning to end and Gary played a big role in the organization. I knew he was loved there but after reading the book I saw how much. That made me change my mind and hunt down Gary in Expos colors which made more options available to me and this great looking black bordered card from 2004 was my main target.

At any given time there was usually a couple copies of this card on eBay to chose form but the trick was to pick it up at a bargain since Beckett has it valued at $50. Lost a few auctions but I was getting closer as I was only outbid by 50 cents on the last one prior to acquiring this one. The seller had this on a BIN with a best offer attached to it. I sent him an offer that I felt was fair but still 50% more off of book. Took at day but without a counter he accepted my offer. Week later I finally got my first Carter autograph.


  1. Nice. I'm a big fan of those 2004 Retired autos.

    1. Same here. I have four and the set knocks most other autographed cards out of the park.