Monday, February 23, 2015

Card of the Day - 2008 Stadium Club : Nick Adenhart Base Autograph

I went looking for yet another Clayton Kershaw autograph and I ended up obtaining this card and for one day I am more than happy with that transaction.

Those that do not know the tragic story of Nick please Google it and see how a young life was taken away from our world way too soon. Unlike some athletes and people in general he was not intoxicated when he was behind the wheel when he got T-boned by a drunk bastard who already had a history of drunk driving. Nick had just left Anaheim Stadium after his best game of his young career and was celebrating with his friends when said drunk bastard killed him. Thankfully after the bastard ran off from the scene of the crime he was caught and eventually tried and convicted and is now rotting in jail. If you can't tell I have zero tolerance for drunk drivers as I grew up around people that drink to get drunk.

I was looking for Clayton's autograph from this set as I am still and always will be on the hunt for Kershaw autographs but there was not one to be had this particular day but eBay recommended some other autographs I might have an interest in and Nick's happened to be one of them. I had forgotten about Nick and his story as it's been years since the incident but once I saw this card I knew I had to own a copy. There is no investment potential in this card and with Beckett assigning a value of $20 I can never see it going up in value from there but that is not why I wanted this card. Even though I had a little higher limit than normal for a card like this I was still able to acquire it for a mere $5. Reasonable enough to me.

R.I.P. Nick

Never EVER drink and drive.
You will hurt more people than you probably ever will hurt yourself.


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  1. Horrific story, but a great pickup. I may have to pick up an auto of his one day. Congrats.