Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Measles and Forced Healthcare

Fair warning to everyone as this is not baseball related but my opinion on what is becoming more than just a nuisance but starting to affect a whole lot of people in multiple states and how in my view the forced upon health care law affects this the situation now and in the future.



Alright then. I am sure most people know by now that the measles are making a comeback and it has been attributed to parents deciding not to vaccinate their children and then have those same children around other children and/or adults who then contract the disease. Many people are of the opinion that vaccinating can lead to stunted brain growth or some type of retardiness in babies and young children. Even though there has been no scientific connection to that belief more and more people are choosing not to vaccinate their children. While that is their choice and their right that decision is effecting more than just their child and family. When these unvaccinated children are out in the world they interact with other people (obviously) and if they contract measles then they can pass on measles to the next person that is not vaccinated and so on and so forth. The problem is that you can not vaccinate a baby till roughly they are one year old. That makes them highly susceptible to catching measles and if more and more children are not being vaccinated then that just ups the chance of contracting it. It is a very serious and deadly disease and should not be taken for granted but people (some) rather forego the vaccination so their child doesn't possibly contract a mental problem which no link has been proven as of yet.

This is a domino effect in two different ways. If I had a baby that was under the age of 1 that came into contact with someone with measles as they were not vaccinated because of their parent's belief then my child might contact measles. If that happens then I or my wife would have to stay home from work to care for the child which means that one of us would not be making any money since we are not at work. So now the decision of another parent my child has hurt and as a family we would suffer with less money coming into the household. Even though there would be less money the sick child has to be taken care of  somehow as the costs will have to be paid whether that is through savings or credit cards. It would also be possible that my child would have been in contact with another baby who was also under 1 and he/she gave it to that baby at no fault of my own. Now that would be two families affected by the decision of those parents who chose not to vaccinate. It would continue the domino effect for who knows how long.

Now when it comes to the new health care law mandated by our all so knowing President that everyone must be covered, people like me are paying more to offset the costs for people that can't afford it or refuse to make enough money to pay for health care. Yes, there are people like that and if you pretend that they don't exist you are just fooling yourself. Now, with this outbreak more and more people will have to use their health care that they have. If doctors and hospitals have to pay more do you think they are not going to pass it down to you and I in some form? When we have to renew our mandated health care we will probably see an increase in our premiums which means more out of our pockets and less for the household. Money that could have been used for something fun and put back into the community now has to go to health care since I and millions have to pay for others.

All of our life decisions are part of a domino effect with this just being one of them. I am choosing to discuss this as the measles outbreak is the hot topic right now in the news and Obama's health care has and always will be a thorn in people's side till they rescind it, God willing. So if a parent chooses to not vaccinate their child and comes in contact your non vaccinated child remember somehow somewhere you will pay for it all the while your child suffers when they shouldn't be.

On a side note pertaining to all of this, if I am forced to pay for more medical care that I do not want or need (mammograms, yes men now pay for this) so that all others may be covered why can't I send my bill to these same people or the government when I can't work or have to pay for something I shouldn't have to because they chose to let their child be sick and in turn infect my potential child when they come in contact with him/her? Just a thought.

Thank you as always for reading and have a blessed day.
This is my opinion and point of view and I am always open to debating in a civil way so feel free to contact me if you would like to.



  1. My kids get vaccinated, not only for their own good but, for the good of everyone they come in contact with. Measles wasn't a problem for so long because everyone got the vaccine. It didn't destroy the the disease but eliminated the possibility of getting it because of something called "herd immunity" or "community immunity". If we are all immunized, the disease has nowhere to go, even if the one-shot person happens to not be immunized, they are safe because the rest of us are. Just get the kids immunized already. Stop the hippie crap. #mytwocents

    1. Totally agree with you. I was vaccinated the minute I was able to as a child. Like you said its not just for your child(ren) its for everyone else around and it can only get worse if more and more people decide not to take of what they need to. People don't seem to realize that yes they can do what they want but their decisions don't just effect their circle but everyone else depending on what it is. This is a free country and we do have the right to do what we want as we have freedom of choice and I support that BUT when your choices effect me and my family then we need to look at your choices.