Monday, February 9, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Yasiel Puig Base Photo Variation

$150 book value.
Ha Ha Ha Ha ... I don't think so.

Mislabeled and titled wrong eBay auction with an ending price of a little over $23? Uh, hello, yes please.

I so love when a seller messes up their auction and I am able to scoop up a card at a massive steal. Is this card in perfect condition? No it is not but if I was to submit it to Beckett for grading (I'm not) it would come back at least NM if not Mint.

My main focus in collecting are autographs and the blue and black parallels of chrome issues but photo variations have a special place in my heart and collection. Since they are usually very limited that means they usually have a high price tag hence the $150 assigned book value for this card. I was never able to get my hands on the 2013 Topps Chrome variation of Puig but this past year's release gave me another opportunity to acquire one.

I already have Kershaw and Kemp photo variations and still wanted a Puig and a Ryu one to round out my set. This card has sold for more than $75 on eBay and sometimes touching $100 but I was never going to be in that market for it. Well along came this card and up till the last day of a 7 day auction the price stood at under $20. Again I attest this to the fact that it wasn't titled right and the seller had low feedback. I put my bid in with a minute left and surprisingly I won it for 80%+ off of book. Thank you again to the seller for mislabeling the auction.

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