Saturday, February 21, 2015

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter Autograph " L " (43/50)

... and I have now reached a point in this project that I didn't think would be happen but it has.

With this letter "L" now acquired and it being the second of two needed for the phrase, I need just one letter left. The problem is that I need 4 of them. Ugh.

The phrase has 25 letters in it and I now have 21 of them. The last 4 needed all happen to be "E's". I can not believe I have been on this project for over 18 months and yet I have not come across a single "E" and I still need 4 of them. Oh boy, this will be fun. This "L" was had pretty cheaply and considering I needed two and the print run is 50 I am happy to be done with it.

So hopefully this post is not the last one for awhile on this project and I am able to get the "E's" in a decent amount of time but I am also being realistic and know that it could and probably be a very long time till I get them all. Anybody have a spare "E"? Anyone? Hello?

43 of 50 and second one in the collection


  1. I pulled a redemption for one of these awhile back. Long since expired of course. -_-

    1. Always an irritating thing. They should be valid for 10 years in my opinion as we can buy boxes for a long time