Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Festivities

A month into the new year and we come to the love month and more importantly the one month countdown to my wife's birthday. 28 days and counting till I/we celebrate the birth of my better half so this month will include some preparation for that day but more on that next month.

Midway through the month we have the national holiday also know as Valentine's Day or the day us men say I Love You to the main girl in our lives. A day we all look forward to. = ) . I am taking the wife out for a nice dinner but what I look forward to is the dinner we make for each other at home including some type of dessert. Mind you, she is the cook and I just help by chopping and whatever she tells me to do so I am basically along for the ride but I like to think I am helping a bit.

On the movie front, February is like January where there is nothing that screams "need to watch in theater". The only one that I really want to watch is "The Kingsman" but since that is on Valentine weekend I will probably try to catch it the following week. Looking ahead, March only has one movie that needs to be seen on the screen as well.

There are two loves to be celebrated this month and the other is this . . .

YES !!!

The wait is over. Stand up Mr. Kershaw and exercise those playoff demons as baseball is officially back when the Dodgers report to camp in less than 3 weeks. With the last week surrounding my aforementioned wife's birthday, her and I are planning what seems to be our yearly February trip to Arizona. She is meeting up with some friends and while she is doing that I am prepping for my day(s) at Camelback Ranch for some autograph hunting/hounding and seeing our boys in blue workout and practice. A new spring training year brings about renewed hopes. Seriously, IF the Dodgers don't make the World Series this year all hell is going to break lose in Dodger land.

I am hoping to meet up with a few friends that I have never met and have only talked to online and a few that I do know in person might be making the trip from California as well. The Arizona trip is not all about baseball though as before we leave the desert the wife and I are also planning on taking an overnight trip to Sedona. For those that have never visited this city near Flagstaff and if you ever have an extra day while in Arizona I would recommend a venture up there. It is a very laid back city and if you know anything about vortexes (Google it) they have plenty to keep you "entertained". It is a very quiet city that "closes" when the sun goes down. A place to relax for sure.

So for my personal life February is the celebration of love.
Love for my better half which is first and foremost
And the return of my other love, Dodger baseball and baseball in general.
A great month for celebrating.
My month has a sunny outlook. . .how about yours?

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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