Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Alex Guerrero Photo Variation (5/99)

So....have I ever mentioned how much I love mislabeled eBay auctions? Well I do and I have gone and scored another short printed card from one.

It is probably safe to say I will never score another deal like the 99 cent purchase of a $50 photo variation of Matt Kemp but that doesn't mean I will stop looking for similar deals. The 2014 Bowman Chrome series had a 10 card subset of rookie photo variations and there was one Dodger included in the group, Alex Guerrero. Not many have popped up on the bay and the few that did I lost out on as the price went over $25. I want it but not that bad,

Well one day this card went up for sale titled "Bowman Chrome Alex Guerrero". No mention of it being limited to 99 or that the photo was different than the one on the standard issue. Only if you knew what you were looking for did you know what you were seeing on the computer screen. His starting asking price was under $10 and until the last day of the auction there was not a single bid on it. Too vague of a title kept people away. Good for me. Someone else put a bid in with about a hour left so I wasn't sure what I was in store for bidding wise. When I put my bid in the price only went up a mere 50 cents and I was declared the winner shortly thereafter.

Again, I so love these mislabeled auctions. Another 1 card project done and for a fraction of cost.

5 of 99

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