Friday, February 27, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Dynasty : Mike Piazza Base Autograph w/ Relic (9/10)

A new set hit the market in 2014 with a price tag that was/is outrageous and in each box there is exactly one card. Imagine plucking down $350+ and coming away with a $50 card? Yeah, I would be pissed beyond belief. That is why other than Bowman Chrome I do not buy boxes anymore. It just seems like a waste of money and any card that is in a set you can probably acquire for a lot cheaper on eBay or other sites. Once I looked at the checklist for this product there was exactly one card that I wanted to acquire . . . and this is that card.

9 of 10

As shown yesterday I finally reacquired Piazza's autograph in the form of an old SPx card. While it was sufficient enough for me at the time I held out hope that I could get a better autograph of the former Dodger in a more current issue but the requirement was that it had to be an on card autograph and in a Dodger uniform. 2014 brought about many new Piazza autograph cards but most were of him in a Mets uniform and the couple Dodgers ones had sticker autographs... till now.

The cards is stamped 9 of 10 but that is a bit of a stretch as Piazza (and all players for that matter) have multiple 9 of 10's in the set. On the Dodger side there are eight 9 of 10's so I had 80 to go through. The first item of business was to create some funds for the future acquisition and that came in the form of me selling off the SPx card. I also added a months worth of comic codes and then I was off to the races and looking for a copy of this spiffy card.

I have heard that this card looks better in person rather than pictures and I can now attest that I agree with that comment. The card comes in a sealed magnetic one touch case and I have yet to take it out. I don't want to mess it up.

The signature really pops against the darker background of the card. Since this card is "uncirculated" as it's has been sealed since it was created you would think that it is minimum a gem mint card if it were to be graded by BGS. Well I am going to find out as I will submit it to them in the coming month to see what they think. Either way though this is a fine addition to my collection of the former Dodger catching great.

Man, I remember those 3 years fondly.

In final, I can never see myself paying that much on a pack of card(s) on the "chance" of getting a great card but these Dynasty beauties are nice indeed and I wouldn't mind adding another to my collection at a reasonable price.

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

- Penguin


  1. Wow! Great card! I'm a huge Piazza fan and I've only got one of his autos myself.

    1. Thank you.
      Same here but I am a stickler on my autographs now. Snotty some would say, ha ha, I just can't do stickers anymore so I had to wait for the right one card for me and considering most are of him in Mets it took awhile but it was worth it.

  2. Topps Dynasty is a beautiful set. Glad you secured the Piazza. Polanco was the only Pirate so I didn't pay too much attention to much to the set details. Judging from completed sells it looks like the price should have been lowered around $50-75 a box.

    1. The brand is TOTALLY overpriced but at the same time it is a beautiful set. Would love to secure me a Trout, Kershaw and/or Puig but I am not paying those amount. Glad you got yours and I got mine at reasonable prices.

    2. I actually didn't get the Polanco yet. Still trying to find one for a good deal.

    3. Read your comment too fast. Saw didnt pay too much, didnt see the attention. My bad. Well hopefully you can score it for minimal damage.

  3. I love the look of Topps Dynasty.... Awesome card!