Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BGS Submission Result Number FIFTY - 2014 Allen Ginter : Mike Trout Base Mini Parallel EXT Variant Now BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2014 Allen Ginter Mike Trout Mini EXT Variant

A lot of people have shared with me the one reason they do not like A/G is that they experience quality issues when they buy packs and the card's condition is not up to their standards. I guess I should consider myself very lucky that I have had very minimal issues when it comes to that and once again I think this Trout EXT rarity should grade out quite well.

Even I was surprised when I received this from an eBay auction and noticed nothing wrong with it. The only thing I can see that might be an issue is that from top to bottom it is slightly off centered but other than that nothing else looks out of place.

Another gem Ginter of Trout is officially now in hand even though it was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

I expected centering to possibly be an issue but it was not as it earned a 9.5 but it was the surfaces that gave me a slight scare as they checked in as a 9. Thankfully the other 2 sub grades also earned a 9.5 like centering to give this card an overall gem mint grade. EXT variants are not easy to come by especially of Mr. Trout so it's nice that I don't have to find another one if this had scored less than a 9.5.

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  1. Really random thought - how the hell do you store all of your slabs? I'm going to write a piece later this week about "cardcaves" and the like, but I have always wondered how you store all of your BGS slabs.

    Hope all is well!

    1. Things are doing well. Thank you for asking and hope you are doing great yourself.

      For a long time I just crammed them into a box that was not the right size till I found some on eBay that are sold as "imperfect" so they could be had a discount. The "damage" is so minimal so why not. The ones I have only had some dings on the side. I could care less. Here is the current auction number but the same seller I buy from. 131883983526

      Have a good one