Saturday, July 23, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Update : Clayton Kershaw Base Black Parallel (1/64)

I wasn't even looking for a copy of this for my collection as there are too many other black parallels of Kershaw that I am looking for but when I was approached on Instagram about picking this up I couldn't pass up on such a good deal.

It's getting around I guess on social media that I love me some black parallels and a follower of mine DM'ed me asking if I might be interested in this. I looked up the book value (a high of $25) and since his asking price was way below that I said sure why not and had it in hand a few short days later. The only complaint I had was that it came in a PWE (plain white envelope) with nothing other than a top loader for protection. Maybe I am being a little too picky but when I send out a card in a PWE (which is not very often) I put it in a top loader AND wrapped it in card board to give it a little more support during transport. Just food for thought for anyone that does the PWE shipping.

First of Sixty-Four

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