Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Heritage : Corey Seager Real One Autograph Red Ink Variant (31/67) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

The pickiness aka perfectionist in me has struck again as even though I have/had this card in raw form (which I showcased recently) I went and sold that one so I could get my hands on this one instead. Why? Because of all the cards that are coming out this year (which some people like to call his rookie year in cards which in my mind its not. That would 2012 Bowman Chrome in my opinion) this is probably 1 of a handful that will hold its value and will be a key piece to own down the road.

When I acquired the raw version I had visions of submitting it to BGS with the hope of a gem mint return. Once the card made it to me I looked at all the areas and came away with the thinking that even though one corner was a little soft I believed it had a decent chance at a 9.5 return. I tucked it away and then for some reason something gnawed at me to look at the back of the card. So when I went home one day I flipped it and noticed one of the worst centering or lack thereof jobs I have seen on any of my cards. It might have been 85/15 at best. No way with that would I get my gold banner. I was bummed but then I remembered that this graded card was on eBay and I sent over an offer on a day that eBay was running a special eBucks program and thankfully he took the deal. I sold the raw card to compensate for most of the cost of this graded one.

There are only 67 copies of this card and only 3 (as of this writing) that have earned a gold banner and only 1 of 2 that has a 10 sub grade. There will be many autograph cards of Corey this year but the Heritage red inks continue to hold much interest and value through the years and this one should be no different.

Minty !!!


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  1. Absolutely insane! What a great addition to your Seager PC. I believe this one will skyrocket in value in a few years. Congrats on the beautiful gold banner. If you don;t mind me asking, what did your raw red ink sell for?

    1. I would have loved a black or red Ginter auto but I think those will be insane in BGS 9.5 form due to low print. Never know though but I wanted to make sure I picked up this up in case I never saw it again. I also think it will skyrocket just like his 2012 Bowman Chrome has. It sold for a little over 300 and with minimal out of pocket for this one I thought it was a no brainer.

    2. It's super tough to get 9.5 on these because of the centering issues (particularly in this years release) and of course the corner issues that Heritage always has. Nice upgrade is putting it mildly. This is so awesome!

    3. Agree hence why I am highly surprised that every Heritage card I submitted this year earned a 9.5. Go figure. Thank you again