Sunday, July 24, 2016

Card of the Day - 1965 Topps : Sandy Koufax Base BVG Graded Excellent 5.0

12 years, 12 cards and with this 1965 beauty of Koufax in hand now I can make the claim I am 3/4 of the way to finishing my vintage Sandy project.

1955 through 1966 were the playing years of the immortal Sandy and I set out to get a card from each of those years in BVG cases and this is card number 9 of 12 for the set. I now have all the 60's cards and just need 1956,1957 and 1958. It might be awhile till I can complete this project as those almost 60 year old cards are not easy to come by in graded form.

I had only seen a handful of these 1965 cards in graded cases on eBay so when this one popped up I made it my week's mission to pick it up. Thankfully all it took was 2 bids and I was declared the winner. Looking back at all the pictures and design of these cards this is probably my least favorite but the project would not be complete without it.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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