Sunday, July 3, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps High Tek : Mike Trout Low Diffractor Insert (46/50)

This card's acquisition has been a long time coming and the pursuit took me across the globe to finally lock one in for my collection.

My 2 favorite players (Trout and Kershaw) have a signed version and an unsigned version of this card. I was able to pick up an unsigned Kershaw for a discount and won an auction for the signed one and for the Trout signed one I ended up acquiring that on a trade. This unsigned one was the last of the 4 I needed to make it a complete "set" of these 2 great players but time and time I again I lost out on auctions or I wasn't willing to pay the amount a seller was asking for it on eBay. In total I would say I lost out on at least half of the print run (50) in one form or another but I was determined to have it at some point and finally I do.

This popped up on eBay by a seller from Japan. I have dealt many times with Japan sellers and have had no issue whatsoever so I hoped that would carry over to this card. He had a higher than what I wanted to spend price (what else is new with this card?) but also had a best offer option. I sent over what I would like to acquire it for and he promptly messaged me back stating he wanted to see if he received more offers but promised me he would get back to me within 2 days, As a man of his word he in fact got back to me 2 days later and said he had another offer that was $2 more but since I was the first to contact him on purchasing the card he said if I would match it he would sell it to me. Was he up selling me? I don't think so as my offer was way lower than what this card had been selling for so I informed him I was good with that price and less than 2 weeks later I finally received my Trout card. Card looks to be in great shape and when BGS is back in town this is for sure being submitted.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Great looking card and very cool to have the base and auto'd versions of the Trout and Kershaw!

    1. True and I hope this grades out to a gem mint so it will be a great pair.