Tuesday, September 16, 2014

State of the Doders : 2015 Dodgers Schedule

There is a little less than two weeks left in the 2014 season with what I and a lot people hope and expect is deep run into the postseason following it. While the focus is on that, the Dodgers along with the rest of baseball released their 2015 schedule last week. Plenty of people have commented on it already but I just wanted to go over it with a few thoughts and what games I might be attending.

April :

Well obviously I'll be there for the first game of the year which will be on Monday the 6th against the Friars. Not going to take time off because I think that game will be changed to Sunday night so the Dodgers get the game of the week coverage due to them raising their 2014 World Series flag
= )
Always love weekend trips down to San Diego to catch our team and they will be down there on the 24th-26th so I guess that might be our first road trip.

May :

MLB do love their patterns. Yet another year that the Marlins will be here on the 2nd week of the month. Hopefully Jose Fernandez is back and healthy as he is a young player that is fun to watch. On top of that hopefully Stanton is back as well from a taking a horrendous ball to the jaw last week.

Not much on potential road trips as I want to go back to SF for a series but it is during the week and the ever so valuable vacation time must be allocated to other trips and can't be all used during the week. Weekend baseball road trips are so much easier to work around that issue.

June :

Unlike other years the Cardinals and Dodgers will be done playing each other for the season by the 7th of this month as they will conclude seven games within ten days that day.

If we didn't head down to San Diego in April then I am sure we will on the 12-14th as the Dodgers will once again be down there for a weekend series.

The 15th and 16th the Dodgers will have a unique home and home series with the Rangers. Unique as it is four games in a row (2 at each stadium) with no off day in between and they must travel from Texas to LA after the second game. If the wife and I didn't go to Texas last week we would have planned a trip for this one.

July :

As this is the year that the wife gets to chose an overseas destination for our main vacation I look to this month as the first opportunity to piggy back that with a one day layover for a game in a city we have really no interest in exploring. There are a few that fall into this category and the Dodgers are in Atlanta for a Monday-Wednesday series which possibly we can fly in Tuesday night, watch the game Wednesday and then head to our Caribbean vacation. We shall see.

To end the month the Dodgers take on the Angels in a 3 game series that carries over to August 1st and 2nd. We for sure will be there for at least one game.

August :

This is the month where we will be heading to West Virginia and we will be taking in at least one new stadium. The wife's friends live in the western part of WV which is close to Pittsburgh. Well, the Dodgers will be there on the weekend of the 7th-9th and we will for sure be taking in one game there. The question is do I try to sneak in another one as the Dodgers will be in Philly 4th-6th? Just one train trip away. But if we don't that will be alright with me as that will give me/us another excuse to visit friends out there another year.

The Dodgers do make a trip up to Oakland in the middle of the month but thankfully I have checked that stadium off the list. Terrible stadium and I already acquired my bucket list ball from there so no need to re-visit that stadium.

September :

The big game/series of the month is the one versus the Angels on Labor Day. Perfect day to take in a ball game and I have already earmarked that day to visit Anaheim and see our boys in blue beat the snot out of the Angels.

For good measure if we didn't make it down in either April or June for a weekend series against the Padres another opportunity is there for the taking on the 4th-6th. Very disappointing year when there are 3 weekend series in San Diego but none in San Francisco. There should always be one in each city per year.

October :

The Dodgers finish off the season just as they started, a home series with the Padres. I will probably attend one if not two of these as they usually have a big autograph session on the final Saturday of the season and Fan Appreciation Day will be the following day in which they give away loads of prizes.

Well unlike past years where the Dodgers play big name teams from the east i.e. Yankees, Red Sox etc this upcoming year is a little void of marquee games per se. No matter to me as I will be attending my fair share of games at Chavez Ravine and at least 2 games at other stadiums and if I am really lucky maybe one or two more on top of that. We shall see.

Either way I look forward to next year and hopefully I can actually watch them on tv as Time Warner needs to get their heads out of their asses and let the fans watch Dodger games. As always, Go Blue !!! and may 2015 be a celebration of the 2014 World Series Champion Dodgers and their victory tour through the league as they press forward to defending their crown.


  1. Looks like you are heading my way in August. Where in West Virginia are you heading?

    1. Bridgeport but we might start in Pittsburgh since it is a weekend series.
      See you there?
      We might be matched up in the NLDS this year. Brewers are falling and I hope you guys beat the Giants

    2. You will have to keep me posted as we get closer to that time. Bridgeport is a little south of where I live by about 35 minutes. I'm in Morgantown.

    3. It would be fun to play the Dodgers! I was hoping that we could avoid the wild card and win the division, but we are hurt by the fact that are season series with the Cardinals is over.

    4. Morgantown...party town...
      Well you can hope that the Brewers sweep while you sweep your opponent and then you are right back in it for the crown. But anything can happen in playoffs so its just important to get in. we NEED to avoid the Cardinals. Team is just a pain in the ass for us

    5. We probably have more bars per capita than any other town in America.

      The Cardinals are built for the playoffs. Maybe this year might be different as the bullpen is a little weaker......

    6. Wife loves live music so I am sure we are heading out there at least one night to find some.

      They are but if Kerhsaw AND Greinke are on their game the whole time I think a WS berth is ours for the taking. God, game 6 from last yr still leaves a bad taste in my mouth