Friday, September 5, 2014

State of the Dodgers : Social Rewards . . . 800K Threshold Passed and No Longer in First

From 275K to right after 750K I was in first place on the social rewards program that the Dodgers still continue to run (even though they hardly give out prizes anymore) and I enjoyed being there. Like everything else in life nothing is meant to last forever. I am no longer top dog of the program but while disappointed I am OK with it as I know that I stayed there with integrity and I am not going to cheat the system to stay up there.

The top 5 have not changed in the last 6 months except that the first and second place people have now swapped places. It is what it is I guess and unless I decide to game the system I will be in 2nd for as long as the Dodger run the program as "Go Blue" and I have basically had the same amount of points separating us for months with the exception when that person does not enter their point submission on some given day which I have seen. I am sure the gap between 1st and 2nd will widen up till the end of the baseball season and stay the same till April and widen again then. With the 900K threshold coming in about 67 days, give or take a day, it will be interesting to see how far off of first I will be.

Now what does need to change is the prizes that the Dodgers "give" out. I believe they have had only 2 batches of prizes given out this year and the last one was months ago. The rewards part is even funnier. They offer MLB.TV for a week or a month for free BUT you can't watch the Dodgers there either as blackout rules apply. Of course if you are computer savvy and can play with your computer's proxy address you can work around that. The only thing really of worth (or at least that I have used) is the 25% you can use on for merchandise which comes in useful with high ticket items.

So in the end, please Dodgers, give out stuff on a more consistent basis. Reward the people that have participated in this program since day 1. How about a 50% coupon code? You guys are better than this.

As always, I will continue to punch in my points on a daily basis come hell or high water.

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