Friday, September 12, 2014

Contest Winnings From Barry's Tickets

Ticket broker, Barry's Tickets had another one of their numerous retweet contests on Twitter a couple weeks ago and like always I always enter them by hitting the retweet button. I have won a couple of contests this way from other companies on Twitter with the big one being a box of 2013 box of cards from Topps. I never expect to win as there are hundreds if not thousands of people doing the same thing I am doing but this time I was the lucky person for this particular contest.

I am sure my wife has had enough of me purchasing Dodger T-shirts on my own but now people/companies are now giving them to me as well. Lucky her as she gets to see yet another blue shirt depicting something about the Dodgers.

Barry's Tickets contacted me asking me for my shipping information and within a week I had this nice new shirt. I picked (L)arge as depending on the shirt maker (M)edium can be sometimes snug but I can tell this one is going to be big on me. Guess it can just be a house shirt if need be. Nonetheless, thanks go out to Barry's Tickets for holding the contest and thank you for the shirt itself. It is much appreciated. Go Blue !!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! I've got the same issue with shirt sizes. Why can't they make a Ledium (or Marge)?