Sunday, September 14, 2014

Attended Game Recap : ANGELS 7 @ Rangers 3 On September 11, 2014

Outside of stadium.

Down in the heart of Texas is where the wife and I found ourselves for this year's trip to a new ballpark. For the second year in a row it involves her team (Angels) but next year its back to the blue as we head to Pittsburgh.

We wanted to see our granddad in Amarillo but headed to Dallas first to visit her mother and family first and with the Angels in town it was a perfect time to see all the family and catch a game in a new park for me. As always the main goal for me is to acquire a ball as that is a bucket list objective for me. Only parks so far I have yet to achieve that goal is San Francisco, San Diego and Arizona. At least though I will be heading there many more times in the future. Getting one at a ballpark where I probably won't be heading back is the problem. Batting practice toss up, batting practice home run, trade or foul ball. Doesn't matter just as long as I get one. The hunt was on.

Angels in the outfield

The wife dropped me off early as she and her mother did not attend batting practice. I headed in and the stadium is big. Everything is bigger in Texas right? Rain was in the forecast but thankfully it never materialized. Headed down to the 3rd base side to where the Angels were warming up and tried to acquire a ball from one of the players. No luck so I headed up to area behind the outfield to see if I could catch a home run ball. Again no such luck as when I was there no one was hitting them that far. Jason Grilli was finishing up his pre-game rituals when I caught his attention I was able to eventually get a ball from him. He gave me the third degree on it but it was all in good fun. So thankfully just 30 minutes in my hunt for a ball was over BUT the mother in law wanted one for herself so even though I had one I needed two now.

Grilli Ball

I headed back down to the third base side to see if I could get another ball but also to now work on acquiring some autographs. The only one of note to sign was Trout (as always) but he was mobbed both times I was down there and I did not have the Trout luck this time as I was shut out on autographs. No biggie, next time.

Headed to our seats where the wife and her mother joined me and we took in the pre-game festivities which included a moment of silence for victims of 9/11....

Great panoramic view shot by the wife.

During the game, which in the end the Angels came out on top 7-3 and included two HBP of Trout, I was able to get 3rd baseman and former Dodger Adrian Beltre to toss me up a ball. Now the mother in law was happy as I was able to acquire her a ball as well. Have to keep the ladies happy.

Beltre Ball

Mom in law with her new ball

It was a great time had by all as I/we got to experience a new ballpark, I got my hands on a ball for my bucket list collection, another one for the mother in law and some great memories. Enjoy the photos below and thank you for reading the blog and have a great day.

Yeah... everything is bigger in Texas

Looks like a jelly fish

Mmm... Taco, Texas style

Promotional race between innings. Blue won

I wouldn't mind cute girls at Dodger Stadium

Wife and I

Wife and mom

... and the three of us


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. I would've kept the Beltre ball though lol.

    1. I actaully did
      Swapped out it out as she wouldnt care

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