Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Museum : Clayton Kershaw Archival Autograph CK2 ( 72 / 100 )

Back in 2012 the Museum brand did not just have one autograph but two autographs of Clayton Kershaw in its Archival Autographs collection. I picked up the first one at a huge discount on eBay as it was already graded out to a BGS 9 which I think some people find a turn off as they want to try their luck at a gem mint grade with BGS. Not me as I just want all my Kershaw autographs mint with gem mints being icing on the cake.

Well with that one in hand I knew I just had to have its "brother" and the search was on. Didn't find any on eBay but one day I decided to check on COMC ( check out my cards ) and see what autographs in general they had of Kershaw. Low and behold they had the Archival one I was looking for and it's asking price was remarkably low. No time to waste so I did a quick check on condition and didn't see any real flaws so I purchased it and hoped that the transaction went through and didn't get canceled due to the card not being "available" anymore. Didn't happen and in two short weeks I finished a little 2 card project of Kershaw.

Like all the other Kershaw autographs I will be submitting this to BGS for grading and think it has an outside chance of gem mint but mint being more realistic. One of the corners on the back seems to be a tad frayed. Either way I am glad to add yet another Kershaw autograph to the collection.

72 of 100

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