Tuesday, September 16, 2014

8 Jumbo Box Case Break Of 2014 Bowman Chrome Over At My Cardboard Habit

Not gonna lie, this post is a little self serving.

Judson over at My Cardboard Habit announced back in May that he was planning to do a 8 jumbo box case break of 2014 Bowman Chrome. All of that can be seen HERE Well thankfully I saw it on the first day and I was able to secure the Dodgers (and a random team to be determined later). With 30 teams in the league Judson needed(s) 14 people to join and as of today there are only 6 entries. He needs 8 more people so he can go ahead and purchase the boxes.

I am sure some people are a little scared off by the buy in price which is $80 BUT the case is going to yield 40 autographs of various colors and that is on top of all the other parallels and inserts that Bowman Chrome has to offer. The entry fee also includes shipping. It's basically $40 per team and you just can't beat that when you are talking about the size of the case that is being broken here.

Lots of teams are still available so take a look and hopefully we can get 8 more people.

Thank you for reading both of our blogs and have a great day.

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