Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BGS Submission Update Eight - 2012 Bowman Sterling : Corey Seager Base Autograph Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

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Beckett Book Value : $ 25

Now we get to the real good part of the submissions.

With 5 cards left 4 of them were surprises in the good sense and this is the first of them.

I own(ed) two of these Corey autograph cards as I picked them up months ago on an auction that included both at a discounted price. I thought of submitting one if not both for grading when I acquired them but held off for the time being. I then saw one sell on the bay for almost $50 and thought it might be time to revisit the grading option. Looked at both of them and thought this one was the better of the two. They both seem to have slightly rounded corners but this one less so. I hoped for a gem mint grade but would not be surprised or disappointed by a mint 9. Well, the corners did come back a 9 but surprisingly the other grades came out as 10,10,9.5 and the autograph grade also received a 10.

Did not expect it but I gladly accept yet another gem mint card of Seager. 2 for 2 in this batch for him with this one being more impressive considering my tempered expectations.

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  1. Sweet card. I will have to pick one of those up soon. I guess I just need to add it to the list of things I want to buy.