Monday, September 1, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Matt Kemp Base Black Refractor Parallel (1/15)

With a print run of just 15 for these black refractors I never thought I would own one. First with the same amount of copies for each player you don't see many of them up for sale anywhere. Two, Dodgers in general are in demand with Puig and Ryu commanding the highest on these. While Kemp is still highly popular his card value continues to be low.

Enter this card. With it being numbered one of fifteen I assumed there might be a little more demand on it as people like to have the "first" card. Well I was wrong. With only three different bids on the card I came out the winner with it only costing me $4.25. There is no book due to its scarcity but to me that still seems low but I am not complaining. Love me some black cards. Another Kemp added to the collection.

A little off centered otherwise a great looking card

1 of only 15. Also another card #1 of Kemp for my collection. Think I have 3 now.


  1. I was drooling over this card, then I saw you paid 4 bucks for it. Now I am out to get you. That is a helluva deal.

    1. Got it like 4 months ago. Sitting in que since then. Right time as that was his low period and thank you sir