Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Refocusing My Collecting Habits

Like many it seems in the blogging world recently I have decided to take a step back and evaluate my collecting habits and see how much "fat" I can trim off my collection and really just pursue cards that bring me the most satisfaction while keeping the cost of the transactions to a minimum.

Alex of  Chavez Ravining did his own post on the same subject the other day and it looks like we will be doing basically the same thing but pursuing autographs will still be my main focus. I am cutting back from most sets and will not be looking to get any Dodgers in any of non high end or chrome set unless it is an autograph that I don't already own of said player.

No more Topps flagship, Bowman, Allen Ginter etc. for me. No more parallels in these sets as well. If there is an autograph though there might be an exception made. Projects will be more player based now. One that I started even though I didn't know it at the time is to acquire a Kershaw autograph from each year he does a mini frame autograph in the Allen Ginter brand. I already had one in hand which I submitted for grading (again all my Kershaw's will eventually be graded) and another one (more on that tomorrow). I also will acquire at least one autograph of Kershaw, Kemp, Seager and Urias from each year going forward no matter what brand it comes from.

Base cards aka non autographs cards is where I will be really pulling back from. I will not be collecting each and every Dodger team set from this day forward. I will be focusing on black and blue though as in black and blue parallels from premium brands. Those would Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome etc. The only non black/blue ones I will also be pursuing is the Topps Five Star brand. They are only limited to 75 a copy and it is also a great issue so I will continue with those.

As always there can and will be adjustments along the way. Some minuses here, some additions there but for the most part I think I have figured it out and will enjoy the hobby more with this new path going forward.

I already have put all my relics up on eBay and have sold most of them. The base cards will be harder to sell but if anyone is interested in them please look at the my collection on the right side of the blog and see if anything interests you. I am more than open to trading any and all non autographs. I will probably also contest out cards in the coming months as well.

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