Thursday, September 25, 2014

Attended Game Recap : giants 1 @ DODGERS 9 on September 24, 2014

I am a season ticket holder but I only go to a handful of games a year in my actual seats. At the beginning of the year I picked about 10-15 games that I keep for myself and the wife or to give to a few select friends but I kept yesterday's tickets as it was the last game of the year versus the hated Giants and as the week progressed to Wednesday everything fell in line for it to be a very important game.

Wednesday's game now wasn't only a final game versus the Giants but now it was one started by the soon to be 3x Cy Young winner and probable 2014 NL MVP Clayton Kershaw. We were there in 2008 when he made his MLB debut on a sunny Sunday against the Cardinals and now we were there to see him put a bow on his incredible 2014 season. The Dodgers were also lined up to win the NL west division crown for the second year in a row. A great game was brewing and we had tickets. I have experienced many "firsts" with my wife but I have never been to a playoff clinching game during the regular season. The closest I came was 2004 against these same Giants but I was off by a day as they clinched a day after the game that I attended in the series. I couldn't wait for this game and it was well worth it.

Calm before the storm. 
Pic taken by the bonita esposa.

Didn't take too many pictures during the game as I wanted to take in every moment of it. First time I have seen the bubbles in my area as people celebrated when Puig hit his solo shot to put the Dodgers up for good.

Cell phone pics have come a long way but they still can be too blurry for my taste. Kershaw on the mound before he throws one of his signature 12-6 curve balls.

Top of the ninth and Brian Wilson is on the mound and trying to close it out for the blue. 

Let the party begin. Dodgers clinch  a probable date with the Cardinals in the first round.

Boom go the fireworks

A simple recap.
No autographs hounding, no nothing, just baseball.
I wanted to take in the atmosphere of the game and hopefully the clinching of the division. Thankfully I got that and now we wait till game one of the NLDS next Friday.
Go Blue !!!

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