Saturday, September 20, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Museum : Clayton Kershaw Archival Autograph CK1 ( 57 / 100 ) BGS Graded Mint 9.0

I have decided (probably like a lot of other people in the hobby world) that I will focus on acquiring more and more Kershaw autographs and with prices going up due to him exceeding all expectations and raising the bar to Hall of Fame levels it is getting harder and harder to score a deal on the bay.

I have seen that people (myself included at times) would like acquire and to chance a raw aka ungraded card might grade out to be gem mint instead of purchasing one that has already been graded at a less desirable plain ole mint grade. Well with Kershaw he is the exception to the rule at least in my eyes.

Though I would love all my cards to be gem mint that is just not a feasible goal. Well this card itself books for $80 ungraded and that is assuming it is in NM/M condition. Well I saw this card which has been certified mint by Beckett and the seller's asking price was below book. Again, I believe that is because people like to gamble and hit it big with a possible gem mint grade but when it comes to Kershaw here I rather have an already certified mint card that I don't have to pay submission fees for than purchase a raw one and hope for a gem mint grade and then get a mint grade. Why go that route if I can get the finished product already? Plus the autograph grade is a 10 as well.

I didn't know what kind of traffic to expect on the auction but when the final day rolled around not a single bid had been placed on the card. Well I wasn't going to be in front of a computer but on a freeway when it was to end so I couldn't bid while driving (wife would kill me) so I put my bid in with about 25 minutes left in the auction. Well when I arrived at my destination I was informed by an email that I won the card as I was the only one to bid on it. Woo Hoo. Another great looking Kershaw autograph added to the collection. As stated in previous posts I will get all my Kershaw autographs slabbed by BGS and this one looks great next to the others. A great deal.

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