Thursday, September 4, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph

As stated in yesterday's post pertaining to my new focus and collecting habits this card becomes the first to benefit from it.

I want an autograph of each Allen Ginter mini frame autograph card that Kershaw has done and including this one that total is 4. I have the 2012 version and now I have the 2014 one. 2 more to go. Unlike the 2012 one I think this is a great candidate to receive a gem mint grade when I eventually submit it to BGS for grading.

I put all of my relics on eBay and various other cards which was able to compensate for the total cost of this Kershaw beauty. When it first came out the gate the price was near $200 but I knew it would drop to a more acceptable cost. Book came out and listed it at $150 which was better but still I waited. One day the seller of this card put a sale on and dropped his asking price 25% and also had a best offer attached to it. I sent in my eBay allocated 3 offers and each one was an automatically rejected. I debating on just buying it outright at the price he was asking for it as for a day and half I watched the auction as other potential buyers put in their offer and each one was also rejected.

Went to sleep and the next morning it still sat there asking me to acquire it. So I did. A week later it came in a nice acrylic case and has been added to my ever growing Kershaw autograph collection. A great first card moving forward in my new direction of card collecting and hopefully soon (hopefully) to be a gem mint graded one at that.