Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BGS Submission Update One - 2012 Topps Museum : Clayton Kershaw Archival Autograph Photo 2 (72/100) Now Graded and Slabbed a Near Mint 8.5

It's that time once again as I received my submission order back from BGS. It was a mixed bag as I ended up with more gem mints than I thought I would but some of the issues that I thought might come up did and others that I didn't think of also appeared.

This is my last big order for quite awhile and I wanted to go out on a high note but instead I end up with mixed emotions. I guess the best part is that even though I have Kershaw here as the first post (meaning the biggest disappointment of the lot) the other Kershaws fared better than I thought so I can hang my hat on that. More on that later obviously.

So like past submissions I will link to my original post and state the Beckett book value of each card. I will post a result entry every other day for the next 36 days. So with that lets get into it.

Original Submission Post
Beckett Book Value : $80

I really hate to start with Kershaw being the biggest disappointment but facts are facts. I originally had this pegged as the 3rd from the bottom to what I expected so it isn't that big a drop but I fully expected it to grade out to a mint 9. Hell it earned a 10 on surface but sadly it received 2 8.5's on corners and edges. I just need one of those to be a 9 and the overall would have been a satisfying 9 but it wasn't meant to be. It irritates me a bit now that I have its twin in mint 9 form while this is NM 8.5 but it is what it is.

Again thankfully my other Kershaws did better to offset my disappointment with this card. Nonetheless it is STILL an autograph of the greatest pitcher in baseball so I can't be that upset.

8.5 . . . Sigh

Just needed one more .5
Wasn't meant to be

At least the auto earned a 10


  1. I don't get how the grading works. If you get a 10, 9.5, 8.5 and 8.5, shouldn't it average out to a 9?

    1. I wish.
      U may have one grade .5 different from the other three. If the three are all same grade or higher than u get that grade. If only 1 or 2 is higher than u get the lower grade. You really get screwed if the lower grade is points below. My 12 A&G mini frame Kershaw auto had 3 9.5's and then a 8. Final grade? 8.5. Avg would have been a 9 but since your grade can only up .5 from the lowest it only went to a 8.5.