Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Alex Guerrero Base Autograph Blue Parallel (3/199)

With the black autograph refractor in hand it was time to pick up its blue brother and hopefully score a decent deal on it at the same time.

Prices had been falling for awhile on Alex's cards as I was able to pick up his black autograph parallel for well under its $40 book value. This blue one has a slightly cheaper value of $30 so I was hoping to beat the bargain I got on the black one. I lost out on a few of the blue's auctions until I found this one that was ending in a couple days and the high bid was just $2. Hmmm... could I be so lucky and pick up another autograph for a great cost? Why yes I could and did. I ended up winning it for the grand total of just $6.76.

Some people might think that is still too much to pay for a 27 year old rookie that hasn't done anything in the big leagues. Me, I don't care as that price seemed very reasonable to me for a blue autograph. 2 down and just the base refractor left.

3 of 199

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