Saturday, November 29, 2014

Card of the Day - 2001 Sweet Spot : Davey Johnson Autograph

It's been quite awhile since I have gotten my hands on a Sweet Spot autograph card as it is still one of my favorite brands to acquire. I love the look of a baseball contained within a card.

Once again I just did a generic search on eBay for any and all Dodger autographs and this 13 year old card came up. Even though Davey never played for the Dodgers he was part of the Dodger family for short period of time (2 years to be exact). He wore the blue so I wanted to add him to my collection but really didn't like the selection of photos or balls out there to chose from. Well thankfully this one showed up and with minimal effort and cost I now have the autograph of a past Dodger manager. For less than the cost of a lunch I will gladly add any autograph to my collection.


  1. Better Know a Blogger? If you are still interested shoot me an email at fanofreds.auctions @ gmail .com Thanks!