Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birthday 2014 Bowman Chrome Box Break

. . . and I am now officially a member of the big 4-0 club. Thankfully even though my body is 40 my mind is still young. You can ask my friends or wife as they will tell you that I at times do not "act" my age but that will keep me around that much longer as I refuse to be old in mind anytime soon.

The wife and I celebrated my birthday in Vegas this year but before that weekend bash she bought me a few things to open before the trip and low and behold she went out and bought a box of baseball cards. If you read enough of this blog you will know that she is not a Dodger fan (Angels for her) and "refuses" to contribute to anything Dodger but she will support my obsession with baseball so since I am back into the card hobby she was thoughtful and went and bought me a box of the new 2014 Bowman Chrome issue. She actually went into a card shop that I frequent (would have loved to seen that conversation with the owner) and bought the box on her own. Don't I have a great wife??? Thank you again. Love you.

I was hoping for an Urias autograph in the break but sadly it was not meant to be. I/we had fun opening the packs as it has been years since I have opened a full box of chrome. Here are the hits and all of them are up for trade in my new section which I am slowly getting up to speed.

First off are 4 cards that are not considered hits though.

My favorite picture in the whole box.
This is how I felt when I unwrapped my present and saw a box of cards.
Fist pump and a hell ya

The whole box only yielded 2 Dodgers

Base rookie of Yankee Tanaka

Refractor Parallel of Met's Zack Wheeler

78 / 500

Blue Refractor parallel of Red's Cingrani

88 / 250

Purple refractor of Yankee's Fred Lewis

27 / 150

Bowman is Back insert of Tanaka

Dual-Ing Die Cuts Insert of Taijuan Walker and George Springer

Mini Chrome insert of Stanton

Even though this is not an autograph card it is by far my favorite card of the box
Being ROY Abreu is just a cherry on top.
Love this "melting" card look.

Each box is "guaranteed" two autographs and once again I was hoping to score that Urias color parallel but I did not. Then I was hoping to score one of those random Kris Bryant autographs but did not get a hit on that as well. You can't have it all I guess but I still did get my two autographs and here they are.

Twins prospect Kohl Stewart

177 / 225

Cardinals prospect Breyvic Valera

174 / 500

Nothing spectacular on the autograph front but they are autographs and I am sure I can flip them to someone that can fill some of my Dodger needs.

Well that is it for my Bowman Chrome box break. Had a great time ripping packs and once again I thank my wife for indulging my wants when it comes to cards. She doesn't have to but likes to and I love here for that. Had great birthday gifts and a great time in Vegas and most of it was due to her. 


  1. Replies
    1. TY. Would have been nicer with an Urias or Bryant
      Ha Ha

  2. Not a bad box. I received the Polanco "melting" card in a trade. One of my favorite inserts.

    Seems like you did really well on the parallels.

    1. Agreed...not a bad box but I guess I was disappointed in the autographs the most. Cant win them all and ty

    2. Oh yeah.....Happy Birthday too buddy.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you sir... at least us Asians never look our age
      ha ha

  4. Happy birthday! Always fun to open cards on your birthday.

    1. Isn't it?
      Hopefully wife reads this and makes it a yearly tradition
      ha ha
      and ty sir