Monday, November 17, 2014

State Of The Dodgers : Social Rewards ... 900K and Moving Back Up

The last time I was in first was back on July 29th of this year

The last 100K threshold and I was more than 6000 points behind
But it was the end of the baseball season and I knew things might and probably would change

Well look who is back to under 2000 points behind the leader? As stated in my last post pertaining to the Social Rewards program I lost my stranglehold on first place back in July due to certain people finding a major loop hole in the system that I suspect will still be there when Opening Day comes along. I believe in hustling as I do it on eBay and other places but I won't go out of my way to break "rules" within the system. Well with the season over I have been able to chip away at the lead as that loophole option is not available at this time. One day the leader in points forgot to post points so I did earn a sizable jump that day but other than that it has been nickel and diming the past few months.  

Will I ever sniff first place again? Possible but even if I don't I can still hang my ego hat on the fact that I had the longest reign on top of the leaderboard. Once again promotions were there for the winning but like every past time I have entered the contests I have come up empty. I am at 450 tokens right now and that's even with me spending them in each and every promotion the Dodgers have had. Someday, that is my motto. Someday I will win and this will be all worth it. Till then let's see if I can be the first to a million. 


  1. Wow, thats a lot of points!

    1. Almost two years of daily inputing. Im dedicated or crazy. Probably both.