Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Notions

The calendar page turns from October to November and I am presented with my first full month as a 40 year old. If this post sees the light of day today (1st of the month) then I survived Halloween in Vegas last night. There are always plenty of crazies on any given day in the City of Sin but on Halloween you get to experience a little more and "interesting" flavor in the way of crazy.

November is traditionally the slowest month when it comes to baseball as the World Series is over and the December Hot Stove Season is just about to rev up. The one thing that is going on are the distribution of the regular season awards and even though Kershaw is the odds on favorite to be the NL MVP him being named the Cy Young winner for the 3rd time in 4 years is a foregone conclusion. So much so that a lot of betting sites have taken the wager off the board. An early congratulations to Kershaw for winning the well deserved Cy Young award. It is expected and a shame that it is not his 4th in 4 years as he got shafted in 2012.

There are two big movies being released this month which I hope I get to watch. We shall see. God willing. The big one is MockingJay Part 1. Yes, I know this is a "tween" book but my niece had me read the first one and I saw the movie it was based on so I need to see the trilogy to it's end. It does have Jennifer Lawrence as the lead character so it does have that going for it. I am sure it will be a very entertaining movie and I look forward to seeing it in 3 weeks.

All that is fun and dandy but the most important thing of the month is Thanksgiving on the 28th. We should all be thankful and feel blessed everyday as we are alive and can for the most part know that our lives are good. We shouldn't need one day or weekend out of the year to remind us to give thanks but if that is what it takes then so be it. Don't get me wrong, I seem to be more thankful as this time of the year but I am working on that. As you read this think to yourself that you are able to as you can see, pay for the Internet service to read it, received the education to learn to read letters, etc. We all have loved ones in our lives that have given so much to us whether they know it or not. Take a moment out of day to realize how blessed you and I are at this point in our lives. I personally need to do it more as I feel I slack off at times.

So November is upon us and I am looking forward to some movies, a few awards for the best pitcher in baseball who happens to play for the Dodgers and to end it with a day to remember how great our lives are whether we realize it or not on any given day. With that, thank YOU for reading my blog today, everyday, sometimes or for the very first time. It is appreciated as always. Have a great month everyone.

- Penguin

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