Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trade With Austin aka Budda_Hat From Twitter

I am proud to be a Filipino and support the greatest athlete to ever come out of the Philippines but I have never acquired a Manny Pacquiao autograph of any sort. It was on my list of items to acquire but Austin aka Budda_Hat gave me the opportunity to check it off my list sooner rather than later.

As stated in yesterday's post about Don Sutton's signing I attended it for two reasons. One to obviously meet Mr. Sutton and to acquire his autograph and two to complete a trade with Austin. Earlier in the week he contacted me and asked if he knew anyone that would want a Manny autograph card that had been authenticated by PSA. Uh, yeah me. Ha Ha. Since Manny is a boxer there aren't many things I would/could get his autograph on. I am not going to start a boxing section for my autograph collection but thankfully Manny is showcased on a card from Allen and Ginter and that is what card Austin had in hand to trade.

Even though the autograph is in black sharpie (prefer blue) it is a great looking card of a victorious Manny and I couldn't pass it up if the opportunity presented itself. We agreed on the trade and when we met up at Harry's we completed it and I finally had my very own Manny autograph to call my own. Simple trades are always the best. Thank you again to Austin for the card of the Filipino boxing great.


  1. Always great trading with a friend. I keep forgetting about your Filipino heritage. I swear that wasn't the reason I reached out to you about this card. LOL.

    1. We are getting old, we cant remember everything. Glad you did reach out out though. TY again